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Tonsillectomy Cost

Tonsillectomy cost varies in different parts of the US States. It is a kind of surgical procedure which is supported by insurance companies in most parts of the world. Price range of tonsillectomy therefore is also dependent upon the insurance company’s policies. Some companies help to perform tonsillectomy free of charge while other insurance companies do not support it all and you will pay all charges yourself. Along with the surgeon, a handsome amount would also be charged by your anesthetist and hospital administration; depending upon your duration of stay in hospital.

Nowadays this kind of surgical operation can be performed either in hospital or in some ambulatory surgical centre where its cost would be quiet low. One other factor which greatly affects tonsillectomy surgery cost is the standard of living in that particular state or region. It has been found that states where the living standards are high, and where the elite class of the country lives, in such regions its cost is really high.

Variations in Tonsillectomy Cost

  • The average cost of tonsillectomy in US ranges from $4000 to $7000, if it is performed in some well known hospital, however the same cost is reduced by almost $2000 to $3000 if it is performed in some ambulatory or tertiary surgical centre.
  • Usually you have to pay $500-$600 as the doctor fees, $600-$700 to the anesthetist and $2000-$5000 as the hospital fees if you are performing the surgery in some recognized and well known hospital.
  • If you are performing the surgery in some ambulatory surgical centre then the facility and service charges are reduced to almost $1500-$2000.
  • Tonsillectomy cost is also dependent upon the age and co-morbid illnesses of the patient as well. The charges are lower for the kids and children whereas charges are much higher for the elders who usually suffer from other co-morbid illnesses.

How Much Does Tonsillectomy Cost with Insurance

Analytical studies have shown that those people who are insured with some insurance companies find a huge relief in surgery costs. The average cost of tonsillectomy with insurance is about 500-1000$ on average in the United States which is much lesser than the average charges without insurance. There are some insurance companies in world which do not cover tonsillectomy at all, while other companies pay fully for your tonsillectomy e.g. in UK and Canada it is free for all their citizens while in Mexico and US, the companies support them to some extent but not pay full amount for their citizens. The amount of cost supported by insurance company also varies from state to state depending upon the living standard and socioeconomic status of that state.

Laser Tonsillectomy Cost

Nowadays a newer technology has been in practice since last few years where the operation is done with laser rather than being operated in the OT. This greatly relieves the patient from any kind of surgical trauma and other associated surgical complications. With laser tonsillectomy, the adenoid and tonsils associated problems such as snoring and sleep apnea is cured with the help of CO2 laser radiations. It doesn’t require any general anesthesia and it can be performed even the person is awake.  It is a procedure which is performed in 30-40 minutes and the average laser tonsillectomy cost in US is about 5000$. The drawbacks associated with this type of technique are:

  • Increase chances of recurrent tonsillitis
  • Increase chances of tonsils re-growth
  • Multiple laser therapy sessions might be required
  • Biopsy and specimen cannot be taken for histopath exam to see for possible diseases such as lymphoma or adenoid cysts etc


Keeping in view the recurrent health problems associated with tonsillitis such as fever, cough, sore throat, pain while swallowing, snoring and other symptoms; one should not care much about tonsillectomy cost and should try his best to perform the surgery as early as possible.

Usually tonsillitis affects the children and kids in their school going age, so it’s better to perform the surgery at that period of time. Doing this at proper time would keep your child away from recurrent fever and throat problems associated with tonsillitis.

Therefore it’s better to concern the best insurance company available in your vicinity, make yourself registered and get ready to undergo the surgery. Insurance company would provide you much support in bearing the tonsillectomy cost of your child and yourself too.

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