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Gynecomastia Surgery Cost

Most people want to find a permanent solution of their gynecomastia problem but one thing which bothers them more than anything is gynecomastia surgery cost. Cost of gynacomastia is dependent upon many things. It depends upon the experience of surgeon because an experienced and well known surgeon would ask for higher money. It also depends upon whether you are having any related other illnesses or blood disorders because that particular disorder might further complicate the surgery procedure, so more money would be required to treat that complication as well. Then it also depends upon the end result.

If you want a perfect surgery with no side effects and surgical complications then gynecomastia surgery cost would not bother you and definitely you would go for it and pay even more to the doctor. Everyone these days wants to give a perfect physical look.

Everyone wants to be smart enough with a broad chest and prominent muscular cuts rather than looking bulky and ugly with hanging breasts.

Cost of Gynecomastia Surgery

Gynacomastia surgery cost in US ranges from $3000 minimum to $10000 maximum with an average of $6000 depending upon all the factors which are already being mentioned. This amount of money might not be disturbing for the rich and elite class of US citizens but for poor and people having low economic status might not be able to afford them.

Indeed they want to get rid of their extra fats hiding in their chests which are disturbing their whole physical outlook but the gynecomastia surgery cost cannot be afforded by them. If this is the case then the best would be to find a surgeon who would be willing to perform the surgery at lower rate or if you can pay him in monthly installments.

This would really lessen your worries and then people belonging to any socioeconomic status would be able to be undergo this surgery

Doctors’ Role in Relation to Gynecomastia Surgery Cost

Gynecomastia surgery cost also depends upon the fees of a radiologist, pathologist and an anesthetist because doctors of all these specialties are required to perform this procedure. This type of surgery is performed under general anesthesia before being thoroughly investigated by the pathologist for any kind of disease. Radiologist role is limited to the ultrasound and CT scan to assure that the falling breasts of this man are due to excessive fat deposits and it isn’t something else.

Usually a plastic surgeon rather than an orthopedic or general surgical specialist performs this kind of surgery. Plastic surgeon would be responsible for any kind of recurrence or any side effects after the surgery. Along with its cost, one other thing which you should be absolute sure upon is whether the doctor is skilled enough to perform the best surgery or not.

So gynecomastia surgery cost isn’t the only thing which you should be worried about, you should also be well aware of the doctor, his experience, his status in the hospital whether he is specialized enough or not, and you can also contact and see the other patients which have already been surgically treated by that particular doctor. Only go for the surgery once you are absolute sure about all these things.

In US insurance companies are there to pay for your surgeries and business losses etc, so if you are ensured with some company then be assure before the surgery whether the company will support you in this kind of surgery or not because every company has its own rules and regulations. Some companies will cover your surgery cost and some will not, so you must explore that before undergoing the surgery.


Keeping in view your personal status in the society and overall demand of the modern world, gynecomastia surgery cost shouldn’t bother you much and you should definitely go for it. Indeed it is the absolute treatment which would help you to fully recover and get rid of your extra fats. You would definitely see a positive change in your life after you undergo this surgery. You will feel as you have been reborn.

One thing should be kept in mind that if you step back now because of the surgery cost then one day in your future life, you will be repenting your this decision.

Take a step, don’t worry at all and undergo your surgery today. 

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