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Cataract Surgery Cost

Cataract surgery cost depends upon a variety of things. It depends upon the type of intraocular lens you want to implant. It also depends upon your location, hospital charges, doctor fees and post operative medication charges. Recent studies have shown that about 17% of Americans over 40 years of age suffer from cataract in one or both eyes. That’s one of the main reasons why cataract surgery is so much common these days.

One can see vast variation in cataract surgery cost depending upon the type of surgery and type of intraocular lens which will be used. The average surgery cost varies every year. It was much lower in 2010 than now in 2014. These days a newer surgical technique in the form of laser cataract surgery has come into practice which is more costly than the surgical technique because for the laser machine equipment, the surgeon has to pay from his own pocket. Laser surgery is a new and more sophisticated technique as compare to the operative cataract surgery.

Cost of Cataract Surgery

Whenever you undergo any kind of surgery, the facility cost and the doctor fees would be the two major costs. Same is the case with cataract surgery. Detailed research and analysis has been carried out regarding the cost of cataract surgery which can be calculated in the following way:

  • In US, a cataract surgery cost lies in the range of $2,500 to $4,000 with an average of $3,300 for a single eye.
  • The price of the surgery varies according to the type of intraocular lens which will be used and the lens would cost you about $3,500 on average.
  • If you want to undergo laser cataract surgery then the cost would rise further up because the laser machine setup costs the doctor about $300,000 to $500,000.
  • Cost of the surgery also depends whether the patient is suffering from any other associated eye disease or not e.g. if the patient is having presbyopia or astigmatism and he wants to treat that as well, then the price range of the surgery varies from $4,000 to $5,000.
  • Apart from all these costs, one should always include the hospital fees, the anesthetist fees, the cost of post op medications and follow-ups of the doctor and also the travelling and transport services cost which one has to pay.
  • Cost of cataract surgery also varies from state to state in America depending upon the living standards of the people. In New York, cataract surgery cost is much higher than its cost in New Jersey. It also depends upon whether you are settled in some urban region where the cost of surgery will be higher or you are settled in rural areas where the living standards are low and so will be the cost.
  • The good thing about cataract surgery cost is that it is covered by most health insurance companies such as Medicare. If you are registered with some healthy insurance company then about $3,000 would be paid by the company and $500 by yourself. This is the cost of surgery only. If you want laser or multi-focal lens implant then apart from the money which would be paid by your insurance company, cataract surgery cost would rise further by $3,500.
  • If you find the surgery cost a bit high in US which cannot be afforded by you, then the best option would be to get the surgery done somewhere in Asia like India or Korea; where the cataract surgery cost is particularly low especially if you are doing some job there.

Keeping in view the importance of eyes in one’s life, no one should step back from undergoing cataract surgery at all. Living a life without seeing the world doesn’t carry any purpose at all.

Therefore, it is recommended to plan your savings accordingly and well in time, because according to the percentage of number of Americans having cataract are above the age of 60, you might be one of them. About every 1 in 4 Americans is suffering from cataract surgery after the age of 50 years, so there would be 20% of chances that you too have to undergo the surgery and bear the cataract surgery cost.

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