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Blepharoplasty Cost

It is necessary to make a proper estimation of your blepharoplasty cost before you undergo this surgery. In this current era of fashion and modernization, everyone wants to look pretty and fresh, particularly the women. Your eyes play important role in your personality therefore nowadays everyone wants their eyes to be prettier and attractive.

Cost of blepharoplasty depends upon many things like the type of plastic surgeon; his overall reputation in the hospital and in the society, the place where you want your surgery to be done, additional prices to pay the anesthetist and pathologist, hospital or ambulatory surgery charges, you’re travelling charges and then it also depends upon what type of surgery do you need.

Some surgeries are simple and just need a lid lift while others are little bit complicated, which involves the removal of fatty deposits around the lids, removing the wrinkles around the eyes, and performing minimal invasive procedures. It is one of the most demanding surgeries these days around the world therefore people aren’t worried too much about the blepharoplasty cost.

Blepharoplasty Cost (Eyelid Surgery):

One thing which needs to be kept in mind is that blepharoplasty cost varies according to the number of lids which you want to be operated. Single eyelid surgery will cost less as compare to the surgery of all four eye lids and if you are going for some additional changes to be made e.g. lessening the wrinkles, uplifting of the lids etc then the cost would rise further. Close analysis of the costs of eyelids surgery gives the following picture:

  • An average blepharoplasty cost for both eyelids of a single eye ranges from $4000 to $6000 these days.
  • If you want to perform a surgery on single eyelid, then it will cost you about $2000 to $3000. Some people would like brow-lift on their upper lids and then the price would rise to $5000 or $6000.
  • Similarly if you want lower lids lifting along with removal of fats and wrinkles near the eyes then the price will rise by $1500 to $2500.
  • If you want your surgeon to perform the surgery in his private clinic or hospital, then there will be further rise in price by $800 to $2000.
  • While estimating the blepharoplasty cost, never forget the charges of pathologist or essential investigations which are you going to perform before the surgery. You have to pay about $150 to $300 for that purpose.
  • You have to pay additional hospital service charges and charges if anesthetist as well. Also, there would be some additional charges if the doctor prescribes you some after surgery essential medications for a week or two.

How to reduce double eyelid surgery cost

If cost of the surgery is the basic hurdle in your way then it’s better to find some suitable insurance company which would give you financial support in this regard. There are many insurance companies available in US who cover the blepharoplasty surgery and it will really lessen the cost. Also it is recommended to perform the surgery in some recognized ambulatory surgical center by a recognized plastic surgeon rather than performing it in some elite private hospital.

Cost of double eye surgery varies from region to region as well. If you have a job in some Asian country particularly in Korea then you should perform the surgery there because blepharoplasty cost for double eyelids is somewhat in the range of $1000 to $2000. It is therefore always recommended to properly research the cost and perfectness of the surgery before making your final decision.


Although blepharoplasty cost would worry you the most but it is recommended that always perform the surgery through the most skilled and experienced doctor rather than going for a cheap plastic surgeon because the end results might not be that much fruitful and in the end you would curse yourself. Rather than making your eyes more prettier and attractive, chances are that the doctor might further deteriorate it.

Your life can be more charming and happier if you have beautiful and attractive eyes. It’s your eyes which are going to attract others towards you, so it’s better to spend some extra dollars on blephroplasty cost rather than giving a gloomy and dull look to the others.

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