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A Review For Banish Tonsil Stones By Diane Puttman

Tonsil stones are something that a lot of people have to face over the course of their lives. They’re not exactly life threatening, but the fact of the matter is that they cause some serious discomfort and are known to get worse if you don’t get treatment as quickly as possible.

The choice you have to make here involves the sort of treatment that you wish to get. There are a variety of treatments out there, but modern treatments have some side effects to them which would make it difficult for you to get healthy as quickly as possible. You need to find out how to get rid of tonsil stones in a natural manner.

The Dangers of Modern Treatment

There are three basic methods that are used to treat tonsils. They are injection of medicine directly into the tonsils via syringe, surgical removal of the tonsils or a long-term process whereby antibiotics are taken to slowly reduce the size of the stones that are within your tonsils.

However, there are serious problems with all three kinds of treatments. The medicine directly injected into your tonsils can cause serious side effects and is not a long-term solution since the stones might just end up coming back. Surgical removal is also not that great an idea because it can leave scar tissue which could damage your use of the throat. Finally, antibiotics are not a great option either because you are going to get a severely bad breath. This bad breath is impossible to get rid of, the only solution is to stop taking antibiotics which would apparently leave your tonsil stones intact thereby bring you full circle to the same problem you were trying to get rid of in the first place.

How To Get Rid of Tonsil Stones Naturally

What is “Banish Tonsil Stones”?

how to get rid of tonsil stones
Banish Tonsil Stones is a book written by Diane Puttman that provides a very detailed account of how you can treat tonsils and prevent them from returning through natural means. An emphasis has been placed on prevention, and throughout this book, you are going to find a number of techniques that are based on natural therapies.

The Benefits of Using These Techniques And How To Get Rid of Tonsil Stones By Using Them

Natural Therapy

One of the most significant benefits of this book is that it teaches you how to treat your tonsil stones without you having to resort to flooding your body with toxic chemicals. These chemicals can cause severe side effects that can have a significant impact on your body. The problem with these side effects is that they have a cumulative effect, which means that you would not realize that you are getting sicker for quite some time. The side effects would hit you all at once later on in your life, at which point it would be too late for you to do anything about it.

Additionally, since you would be quite old by the time the side effects of these medicines start to kick in, you would be looking at spending the rest of your life dealing with ailments that you could have avoided if you did not take the medicines that doctors prescribe. This is a secret of the modern medical industry that doctors try to keep from you at all costs because they are all about minting as much money from you as they can. With the treatments provided in this book, you can avoid these medicines and thus ensure that you do not have to deal with any kind of unnatural side effects later on in life, which would actually enable you to enjoy a much-relaxed retirement.

Holistic Treatment

The key to healing virtually any ailment or malady that you might suffer from is treating your whole body. A major problem with modern medicine is that it treats the part of your body that is diseased but ignores everything else. This is a big part of the reason why medicines have so many side effects. If you improve the overall health of your body, any diseased areas will start to heal naturally, thereby enabling you to feel better in a much shorter period of time.

If you use the techniques provided in this book, you wouldn’t be just healing your tonsil stones. You would be flooding your body with necessary nutrients and improving your overall health as well. A big part of this is the boosting of your immune system, which is the very first system in your body that would start to see significant improvements. The boost to your immune system would help your body to fight the infections caused by tonsil stones internally, and thus naturally reduce the size of the stones until they essentially dissolve and pass naturally. This would also help to prevent other diseases that might occur as a side effect of the tonsil stones, as well as general diseases that everyone contracts every so often.


One of the biggest factors that prevent people from getting treatment for their tonsil stones is the price. No matter what type of treatment you go for, as long as it exists within the sphere of the modern medical industry you are going to end up spending a great deal of money. This is because the medical industry has been designed to make you spend as much money as possible, with profit margins so high that it is almost criminal.

This product comes at a one-time only price that would leave you with the sort of treatment that would get your tonsil stones gone in no time, and that would be the end of that. Since you are not using medicines that have enormous side effects either, you are going to save on long term medical bills as well. When the side effects of modern medicine hit you in your old age, you are going to end up spending enormous amounts of money on hospital bills. The treatments in this book have no side effects in the short or long run so you wouldn’t have to spend extra money after getting rid of your tonsil stones.


If you have ever taken medical treatment before, you know that they take a lot of time. There are two main reasons for this. The first of these reasons is that the medical industry knows that the longer treatments last, the more money it would end up costing you, so doctors often extend treatments to maximize earnings. The second reason that medical treatments tend to take so long is that they are inefficient at treating the problem.

It is similar to breaking a clock open to fix a malfunctioning component. When treatment starts, treatment for ensuing side effects begins simultaneously, and it takes a long time for everything to align perfectly enough to make you seem reasonable healthy. With this product, you get a much more efficient mode of healing because the treatments are natural and take effect quickly. Since you are obviously not going to delay the end of your own treatment to earn money, your tonsil stones are going to disappear in an incredibly short period of time, so much so that you would barely even notice the treatment period while you are in the midst of it.


Everyone has to work these days to earn a living. Getting medical treatment for your tonsil stones can end up making it difficult to do so. No matter what medical route you take, the chances are that you will be taken out of commission for a period of time during which your sick days would end up getting deducted, and if you don’t go to work for a significant enough period of time chances are that your salary would get deducted as well.

The non-invasive treatments present in this book are excellent at treating your tonsil stones without making it impossible for you to work. Treatments would be ongoing, and you can take them while you are at work as well. A short rest period would obviously be necessary to help your body heal, but you would still be functional during this period of time instead of being bed ridden. Additionally, the opportunity to avoid the bad breath that is often caused by antibiotics can be quite useful as well. You would be able to interact normally with people while avoiding the social faux pas of foul breath, thereby allowing you to go about your daily routine while you treat the tonsil stones.

Additionally, since you would not be undergoing any kind of surgery, you would not have to deal with the consequences of surgery that often occur. This includes scar tissue that forms around the surgery site, scar tissue that can have a severe impact on your ability to use your throat in the future. The development of scar tissue aside, you would also be able to avoid the huge possibility that complications would arise during surgery, thereby enabling you to experience some serious peace of mind while you are getting rid of your tonsil stones.

Long Term Solution

The major issue that a lot of people tend to have when it comes to modern medical treatment of tonsil stones is that they end up serving as a short-term remedy. Whether it takes weeks or months or years, more often than not your tonsil stones end up coming back if you don’t treat them properly, which is why so many people tend to look at this affliction as the end of comfortable living.

With the treatments presented in this book, one of the benefits that you are going to notice is that the tonsils are going to go away for good. You would not have to worry about them coming back because this product is all about prevention. Hence, once your tonsil stones have been healed, the prevention measures prescribed in these treatments are going to make it so that you never have to worry about getting them again.

The treatments present in this book also really help prevent other diseases as well, diseases that might have otherwise caused serious problems for you. The common cold, infections and the like are all avoided, so you would generally enjoy much more robust health once you start applying the tips this book offers you, health which can be boosted even further through a proper diet and exercise regimen which this book also greatly recommends.

Avoid Unpleasant Medicines

Let’s face it, nobody likes taking medicine. It never tastes good and more often than not you are going to end up having to bear with it for the good of your health. None of the treatments present here involve any kind of harmful substances at all, so you can avoid this enormous problem entirely. In fact, a lot of the procedures provided in this book do not involve eating or drinking anything at all, many of them include massages and throat exercises that you can do to help get rid of your tonsil stones. These are a lot easier to manage and can be done at any time, and the added benefit that you don’t end up ruining the taste of your dinner is certainly something that a significant number of people are going to appreciate.

The Verdict

Overall, this product provides some incredible benefits when you compare it to the price you are paying. These natural remedies are not just great at telling you how to get rid of tonsil stones and preventing their return, they are an excellent way to maintain general throat help and overall bodily health as well. Hence, if you tend to suffer from sore throats a lot, this is an excellent way to keep those at bay too. Bear in mind, however, that certain extreme cases are going to require surgery and there is no way to avoid that. However, for mild to moderate cases this book provides a number of useful remedies for you to use, and that is why you should seriously consider buying this book to treat your tonsil stones and prevent other throat related ailments.

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